We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and other social network all the time. We make Connections, Friends and Followers but do you really know who we are talking to?

The number of "fake" profiles is growing. It is estimated that Facebook has approximately 81 million fake profiles and LinkedIn recently filed a complaint in federal court in San Francisco over the issue of "hackers".
The issue of fake or false profiles on social media is something that seems to have become endemic. No social media is exempt from this disease.

Fake profiles are used for different reasons, for example, fake profiles or "robot" Twitter accounts are used to boost up the popularity of famous people or to grab naive's attention on Facebook to commit all sort of crime. The other major concern is that fake profiles are used to hide behind so that someone can cyber bully someone else on Facebook or Twitter and other social media. We also know that gangs use social media sites such as Facebook as one of the ways to reach young girls with the goal of luring them into sex trafficking and prostitution.

Now "fake" isn't cool anymore.

While this might require more time and patience to build a Following or "LIKES" or Connections it is more legitimate and we want legitimate. We want honesty and transparency now.

certiPeople.com's aim is to reduce fake profiles making a profile certified by other users on the net.
Each user will have a certiPeople.com certification's SCORE based on several parameters that will update automatically.

A user can register for free on certiPeople.com and create its own certification process asking people she/he knows personally to certify her/his identity on social media.

After the certification process is completed the user will receive a personal TOKEN to be used in her/his users's profile linking directly to the CertiPeople.com's certifications' page. A user can request more certification and the more she/he receives the more her/his social media profile gets "fake resistant".